Offering a powerful combination of strength, resilience, and
economic cost, fiberglass pipe is a great choice for virtually any industrial
piping needs. Not only is fiberglass pipe more cost-effective than metal versions, but it is
also more resilient. Unlike metal pipe, fiberglass pipe is not susceptible to
rust or corrosion, meaning it often lasts longer.

Fiberglass pipe is fit for a
variety of uses, including:

  • Chemical
  • Water Treatment/Waste Water Treatment
  • Service Station Fuel Handling
  • Oil Industry
  • Offshore
  • Marine
  • Farming/Irrigation
  • Ducting

Tampa Fiberglass is proud to offer fiberglass pipe to fit any
application. Not only do we have many preexisting molds with diameters ranging
from 2.5” to 8’ available to expedite the fabrication of
your pipe
, but we also offer multiple resin choices, including isophathalic,
epoxy, and vinylester, to tailor the fiberglass pipe exactly to your

For more information on the benefits of fiberglass pipe, and to
find out how Tampa Fiberglass can serve you, call or e-mail us today.