Tampa Fiberglass is proud to offer fiberglass piping systems to
suit virtually any need. Not only do we fabricate the fiberglass pipe, but we
can also make the flanges, elbows, and other parts that make up piping systems.
Plus, we have many fiberglass pipe molds already made, ranging in diameter from
2.5” to 8’, meaning we can make your piping systems quickly and easier,
regardless of the size and number you need.

Our piping systems have a variety of uses, including

  • Ducting
  • Oil Industry
  • Chemical
  • Farming/Irrigation
  • Water Treatment/Waste Water Treatment
  • Marine
  • Service Station Fuel Handling
  • Offshore
  • Custom Industrial Piping

Fiberglass piping systems provide a distinct advantage over
other forms, and there are many benefits to using them. Not only are fiberglass
piping systems most cost-effective than metal/steel systems, but they last
longer and are less susceptible to damages such as corrosion from chemicals and
rust. Tampa Fiberglass also allows you to select the type of resin you would
like based on what you’ll be using your piping systems for. We offer many
resins, from a basic isophathalic to vinylester and epoxy.

For more information or for a quote on piping systems for your
company, call or e-mail Tampa Fiberglass today.