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RTM, VARTM, and Open Mold Services from Tampa Fiberglass

Tampa Fiberglass is proud to offer a variety of options with our custom
fiberglass fabrication services. We provide three methods of fabrication,
allowing you to choose the one that’s right for you. Regardless of the style you
choose, you can be sure that your custom fiberglass fabrication will be crafted
to the highest standards and with intense attention to detail. The three options
we offer are:

  • RTM
    Fabrication (Resin Transfer Molding)
  • VARTM Fabrication (Vacuum Assisted
    Resin Transfer Molding)
  • Open Mold Fabrication

Both RTM fabrication and VARTM
fabrication provide a smooth finish on both sides of the product, while our open
mold products can be hand tooled to provide custom interiors or can be left
rough, depending on your personal preference. Whether you’re in waste water
treatment or aerospace, our RTM fabrication, VARTM fabrication, and open mold
fabrication services can make any custom fiberglass products you