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Our History

Tampa Fiberglass was founded in 1977 and has been providing quality custom fiberglass fabrication services ever since. A privately owned, family company, Tampa Fiberglass was initially established by Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cook and is now being passed on to their son, Brian Cook.

Tampa Fiberglass places emphasis on providing high quality and affordable services while maintaining a high level of customer service. Capable of producing large orders as well as small batch lots, Tampa Fiberglass can help you with all your custom fiberglass fabrication needs, regardless of your industry. Plus, we are one of the few fiberglass fabricators that can take a design or lofting data and hand shape a prototype, taking your idea from imagination to reality

Fabrication of Industrial Cones and Troughs, Flight Simulator Shells, and More from Tampa Fiberglass

Our custom fiberglass fabrication services are available to a wide variety of industries, including waste water treatment, mining, utility, aerospace, ventilation, general industry, agriculture, marine, military, recreation and automotive.

We offer many options for your custom fiberglass fabrication, including resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum assisted RTM (VARTM), and open molding.

At Tampa Fiberglass, we make every effort to provide quality custom fiberglass fabrication at competitive prices while still maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Our experienced and dedicated employees are trained to treat every project as if it were their only project, offering a high level of personal service and intense attention to detail.

Tampa Fiberglass has been in business as a fiberglass manufacturer for more than 30 years, so we have the experience, skill, and technology for bring you the premium fiberglass products you want. Plus, because we’ve been a fiberglass manufacturer for so long, we have many molds already made, which reduces potential cost for you and often makes the fabrication process faster.

Further, Tampa Fiberglass serves a variety of industries, including:

  • Flight simulation
  • Water treatment / waste water treatment
  • Marine / boating
  • More!

Tampa Fiberglass employs cutting-edge technology, and we are one of the few fiberglass manufacturers that can take a project from lofting data to reality. Serving a wide variety of industries, we’re confident that we can help you create exactly what you need.

For more information on Tampa Fiberglass’s custom fiberglass fabrication, please explore our website or contact our office. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and to working with you on future projects.

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