Tampa Fiberglass is proud to offer a wide variety of shells for flight simulators,
including multiple models of airplane flight simulators. Although we offer a
large selection of already constructed molds in a variety of makes and models,
we also are able to build completely custom molds. Whether you have a prototype
or simply lofting data, we can help take your airplane flight simulator from
imagination to reality with our high quality and detailed

Fiberglass has many fighter jet molds already available, including the popular
F-18. To construct our shells for airplane flight simulators, we offer three
fabrication options to produce the result that you desire. You can choose from
RTM, VARTM, or an open mold construction, which is available with a hand tooled
interior done to your specifications. Regardless of the make, model, and method
of construction, Tampa Fiberglass can provide you with the high quality
fabrication and customer service that you deserve.