As part of our flight simulator
shell fabrication
services, Tampa Fiberglass offers a wide selection of
helicopter flight simulator shells, including the standard
Blackhawk helicopter cockpit, which is fully customizable to suit your needs.
Tampa Fiberglass offers the following options for our fully customizable helicopter flight simulator

• Hand
tooled interior, including all sills and ribs
• MH-60, H-60, and SH-60
molds of Blackhawk are available
• TH-57
• RTM, VARTM, or open mold
cockpit construction options

All helicopter flight simulator
shells from Tampa Fiberglass are built to the highest specifications by
experienced and skilled professionals. We strive to maintain a high level of
customer satisfaction with our intense attention to detail, ensuring that you
get exactly what you want, and we believe that this dedication is evidenced by
the quality of our products.