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Fiberglass Mold

Making a fiberglass mold, whether for a small piece or a large
project, is a detail-oriented process that requires years of experience to
complete correctly and quickly. The experts at Tampa Fiberglass have over 30
years of experience with making fiberglass molds, and we can provide you with
molds to fit your exact specifications.

Tampa Fiberglass makes fiberglass molds for three different
fabrication styles:

  • RTM fabrication
  • VARTM fabrication
  • Open mold fabrication

Using only high-quality materials, Tampa Fiberglass makes
fiberglass molds for industries ranging from waste water treatment to boat
manufacturing. Also, we are one of the few fabricators capable of making a
fiberglass mold from just lofting data, turning your idea into a reality without
the need for a prototype or sample.

Call or e-mail Tampa Fiberglass today for more information on
making a fiberglass mold and to see how we can assist you with our high-quality
fabrication services.