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Open Mold Fabrication

A staple of custom fiberglass fabrication,
open mold fabrication is achieved by combining the fiberglass fabric, resin, and
catalyst in an open mold, and then letting it harden. This method of custom
fiberglass fabrication is especially useful for industries that don’t
necessarily need a product with two smooth sides, such as a septic tank. It is
also less expensive than RTM and VARTM fabrication, since it requires only a
one-piece mold rather than two-piece.

Not only does Tampa Fiberglass offer open
mold fabrication services, but we also offer hand-finishing of the rough side of
the finished product. Our experienced and dedicated employees can even hand-tool
ridges and other features into the fiberglass product. Regardless of your
industry, open mold fabrication services from Tampa Fiberglass offer you
high-quality products at affordable prices.