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Reverse Osmosis Water treatment

Reverse osmosis water treatment is a water purification process
employed by a variety of water treatment facilities, as well as on a smaller
scale in homes. Some of the more popular industries for which it is used include
waste water treatment and desalination. Reverse osmosis water treatment reduces
or eliminates impurities and odors in water by forcing the water through a semi
permeable membrane. Although the water is forced through this membrane, the
impurities cannot get through, resulting in cleaner water.

At Tampa Fiberglass, we can create and supply you with the
fiberglass components you need for reverse osmosis water treatment. Whether
you’re a desalination plant, work with waste water treatment, or anywhere in
between, we can quickly and easily fabricate you the high-quality industrial
cones, troughs, and more of what you need when you need it. Plus, because we
have many molds already made, we can often provide you with reverse osmosis
water treatment equipment faster and for less money than other fiberglass

For more information on making Tampa Fiberglass your supplier
for reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, or to learn more about
fabrication of this equipment, call or e-mail us today.