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RTM Fabrication

RTM, also known as Resin Transfer Molding, involves the use of a closed, two-piece mold, one of which is known as the “male” side and the other of which is the “female” side. These pieces fit together so that there is very little space between them. To create a fiberglass part, the “female” side is placed onto the “male” side, which is lined with materials, and resin is then injected between the two. The fiberglass is allowed to harden, and then the two pieces are taken apart to remove the resulting product.

RTM is different from the open mold process because it produces a product that is smooth on both sides, thereby eliminating the need to hand-tool and finish the side that would not be against the mold. Often used in the marine industry, RTM reduces the cost of producing a product that must be smooth on both sides.

Tampa Fiberglass is proud to offer our RTM services to all industries, including the marine and boat industry. We are able to produce custom fiberglass products of all shapes and sizes, from boat hulls to smaller interior parts. Plus, we are one of the few custom fiberglass fabricators that can take a product from lofting data or blueprint to prototype. Regardless of your industry, you can be sure that RTM from Tampa Fiberglass will provide you with the high-quality, custom fiberglass products you need at a price you can afford