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VARTM Fabrication

VARTM fabrication, which is short for vacuum
assisted resin transfer molding fabrication, produces much the same
two-smooth-sided product as the older RTM fabrication, but it is much more
cost-effective. As the name implies, VARTM uses vacuum power to pull the resin
through the closed mold and to hold the two pieces together. This fact means
that the “male” and “female” pieces of the mold can be much lighter, resulting
in a significantly reduced price of fabrication. VARTM is especially useful for
the marine industry. However, not many custom fiberglass fabricators have the
ability to offer this service.

Tampa Fiberglass is one of the few
fabricators with the knowledge and technology to offer this cost-effective and
advanced process. In fact, Tampa Fiberglass specializes in creating custom
fiberglass parts for the marine industry, meaning that we have extensive
knowledge of many common parts and specifications. Regardless of your industry,
VARTM fabrication from Tampa Fiberglass can help you take your business to the
next level with cost-effective and high-quality custom fiberglass